ミサイルベイトの代表作 “Baby D-Bomb”の水中映像

Missile-Baits-Baby-D-Bombいろいろなルアーやワームの水中映像をアップしている「Bass WorldTest」から Missile Baits “Baby D-Bomb”の水中映像がアップされました。ミサイルベイトMissile Baits はプロフェッショナル アングラー “John Crews” により立ち上がったブランド。

Missile Baits was started and is owned by professional bass angler, John Crews. The company is based in Salem, Virginia and manufactures all their lures in the USA. Crews designs all the baits out of necessity as a top level angler and prides himself on bringing products to the market that are not a copy of anything else. Soft plastics are the main focus of Missile Baits but the line of jigs under the Missile Jigs name are a collaboration with Mike Iaconelli and continues to grow.
Missile Soft Baits