Michael Ike Iaconelli Wheeler Lake 4米時間 2016年4月28〜5月1日にアラバマ州で開催されたバスマスターシリーズ「ウィラーレイク戦」にて19位でフィッニッシュしたマイクアイコネリ。彼のYOUTUBEチャンネルから使用したタックルとテクニックがアップされているので要点紹介です。英文も起こしておきますので参考までに。



Michael Ike Iaconelli Wheeler Lake 1そして使用したワームはトリックワーム。(カラー:グリーンパンプキンレッドラメ)1949年から発売され続けている人気ワームなんだ。

Michael Ike Iaconelli Wheeler Lake 3

Michael Ike Iaconelli Wheeler Lake 2そして私が今期新しくプロデュースした製品「フィネス ラグビージグヘッド」これは90度のアイでロックバンクなどをスローにグラインドフォールさせるのに適している。スティープなエリア程いい魚がいたよ。使用したロッドは6’6”MH のスピニングにフロロラインの8ポンド。


 tackle warehouse fan’s Mike I can only hear what to give you the recap four wheeler Lake BASS elite event. now what a great week you know a lot of speculation this tournament was going to be a nail-biter super tough but end up fishing really good. the fish bit I was looking at found two separate areas and two separate patterns this week and in a four day tournament or three-day tournament a lot of times you need multiple areas of multiple patterns.

 you know the first pattern that I found was fishing around rock and vertical rock. I fished a few creeks down near the dam. and I fished around rock banks that were steeper. the nice thing about those rock banks is when the water rises or falls to fish tank in the same area they don’t have to leave they can stay right there because it’s a more vertical environment and you know a lot of guys fished crankbait or jig in those conditions. but for me because the area was get a lot of pressure I scaled-down added some finesse fishing. and I used one of my favorites it’s shaky head you know the bait are used it’s a Berkley havoc trick worms debate and it’s called a bottom hopper really ki bate a used it in green pumpkin red flake awesome color imitates across Fisher bluegill but the real great thing about this beta how I fished it was the jig head and I fished it on a brand new extension of the head we already had out from the VMC called a rugby head but this new one is called the VMC rugby finess head and it’s a little bit different

 if you look at it you can notice that it’s got a little bit smaller little bit lighter wire hook but here’s the real case it’s got a 90 degree line tie instead of the 60 and a lot of times when I want this thing to fall and that’s what I was doing along that vertical rock letting it fall glide down that ninety degree long time really help that thing glide little bit smaller profile total finesse package and onceagain albeit about an eighth of an inch off the head of that may threaten on that finesse head it hasn’t offset hook on it so when I pulled around I want that flat side facing down and here’s the beauty of the VMC rugby head is that when you texas rig. where it is totally weedless it’ll stay out of the rocks caught a lot of my last week about 50% of them on this finesse technique

 the rod and reel I used in Abu Garcia IKE series finesse rod and it’s a ride I specially designed for shaky head 66 medium heavy. it’s a great size Robert shaky head and then I used it with that brand new Abu Garcia Revo premier into 20 size and finally used eight-pound berkeley trial in fluorocarbon. but you know I found another area and it was in a creek Middle lake and it was the only area and all wheeler lake that still had grass and that grass at about four to six feet of water and it was a little stand and the perfect eighth for me this week if you look at it it’s all chewed up you can see out shoot up that betas from this week the perfect running mate for that depth was a Rapala DT6 and 16 foot and man especially early in the morning or late afternoon when the wind picked up that would be my spot in this would be much lower and it was a shad spawn going on in this thing really looks like a shadow off-color water I used it a color called Caribbean shad if you look at it it’s chartreuse with the blue back but it’s one of the IKE series custom colors and it’s faded and in a tournament where there’s a lot of guys fishing the same water that little bit muted color really did help to get lower by about 50% of my fish on that great day.

 I fish that made on Abu Garcia IKE series dole a-rod and that’s our crank and rods a composite rod efficient with the seven-foot median action rod I used 12 pound 100% trailing floor carpet and finally I paired it with the Abu Garcia Revo premier in a little bit slower 6.4:1 ratio Lake wheeler great turn out great finish for me it’s one of the place finish using the financial aid ahead Round Rock Rapala det six around grass and that really did for me this week Mike I can only talking about we like whenever I’m flippin bush’s this is always one of the key Bates for me it’s the devil spear I caught in a row my small 1.5 my favorite color is red can chat babe I like the RAID level is the lipless crankbaits if you do a lot of things you should check these out

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