バスマスターエリートシリーズ2015 ~Guntersville戦~ を12位で終えたマイクアイコネリがパターンを公開した。彼が組んだパターンは2つ。まずメインに考えたのが1.2m-1.8mに群生する milfoil(フサモ)に注目したらしい。そしてそれらの周辺にある spawning pockets(ネストポケット)を狙い撃つ戦略だったらしい。

Michael Iaconelli Guntersville-2

Michael Iaconelli Guntersville-1
2日目から食いが渋ったので RAPALA DT-6 (カリビアンシャッド)で釣っていったらしい。リールは7:1のモノに7フィートのミディアムだったらしい。

Lake Guntersville: Using a one-two combination of the Molix Lover paired with a Berkley Havoc Ike’s Devil Spear and the Rapala DT6 Crankbait, Michael Iaconelli was able to secure a 12th place finish at the second Bassmasters Event of the year on Lake. Guntersville. Ike targeted scattered milfoil in 4-6 feet, on high spots and the last bit of deep water in the back of spawning pockets which is why Ike relied on the bluegill-like profile of the Lover & Devil’s Spear and switched to the DT6 when they turned off to that. Demonstrating the performance of his signature series of Abu Garcia “Ike” rods, Mike relied on the his Power & Delay Sereis to put his lures to work. Make sure to check back with the Tackle Warehouse VLOG to get more exclusive angler insight throughout the rest of the tournament season.

mike iaconelli