KVD spinner bait tukaikata shoukai 1あのケヴィンバンダムが断定的にスピナーベイトを説明している動画があるので要点紹介します。この動画は過去にみて凄いな〜!と思ったモノです。お題はスピ ナーベイトの喰わせ方についてです。英文も起こしておきますので参考までに。


KVD spinner bait tukaikata shoukai 0 ハイ!みなさん元気にしていたかな?今日はスピナーベイトについて少し残して置こうと思うよ。近年のバスフィッシングは色々なテクニックやスタイルが確立されてきた。トーナメントの影響もあり、スイムベイトやフロッグなどがポピュラーになってきたよね。同時に消えていくルアーも増えつつある。スピナーベイトもそんなルアーのひとつさ。私にとっては とても釣れるルアーだが、世間ではそれ程ポピュラーでは 無くなりつつある。一番の大きな理由は スピナーベイトの使い方が 解らないという人が多いからだと思うんだ。ベイトに見えない形をしたルアーだからね。

KVD spinner bait tukaikata shoukai 3
今日はテーブルロック湖に来ている。今から具体的に説明するよ。テーブルロックはクリアーレイクで1.8〜2.4mの底まで見える。ここには沢山のベイトフィッシュが生息している。もちろんここでもスピナーベイトは有効なルアーさ。いいかい? 最も重要な事は 適切なスピナーベイトが結ばれていると言う事だ。

KVD spinner bait tukaikata shoukai 2クリアーレイクのスピナーベイティングで重要な事は”スピード”さ。キーは魚にルアーを見せるんだが、ゆっくり見せるん訳ではないんだ。今日はレーザーブレード(細身ブレード)を装着している。このブレードは水の抵抗も少なく一定層を高速に早く巻けるんだ。

KVD spinner bait tukaikata shoukai 6ここでのアプローチ方だが、回転数を上げて早巻きで、魚に気づかせるんだ。もう一度、いうが… 見せるんじゃないんだ。魅せる…気づかせるんだ!! コレ (is given the fish a good look at)

KVD spinner bait tukaikata shoukai 5KVD spinner bait tukaikata shoukai 4
いいかい?例えばここではΧの場所(Strike Zone)で喰わせたいから、Οの場所にキャストするんだ。そして駆け上がりの縦の層(water coloumn*)をスピードを落とさずに引いてくるんだ。そうするとボトムにいる魚達に、連続して光が切れる(penetation) 弾道が伝わるんだ。これが 「スカイ・イン・ザ・ベイト (the Sky in the bait)っていう技なんだ。表層をアクティブにさせる事によって、下の魚もアクティブにさせる事が可能なルアーがスピナーベイトなんだ。

water coloumn* 水面から水底までの垂直部分の柱水。水中では縦に連鎖反応がある。つまり水中食物連鎖の一番はじめのプランクトンの層にベイトが溜まるから、そこを引けと言う事。
ケビンバンダム 直伝!! スピナーベイトの喰わせ方 (ケビンバンダム) 19

Nowdays we have so many new technique said it’s really up you know taken the term a trail by storm you know i mean we’ve got swim baits and and frogs.

You know this a lot of things that are very popular right now and spinnerbaits are one of those things that i’ve thrown for a long time and you just don’t hear as much as you used to…

i think the big thing about fishing spinner baits tissue you really just like any lower you gotta choose the right bait for the right situation you know and i love to fish a spinnerbait and i love deficient in clearwater you know

today i’m at table rock lake and you know you can see down 6-8-10 feet right now and know this is a lake that has a lot of baitfish a lotta shit and a spare rate is still one of the most efficient tools that i have to cover a lot of water that has great drawing power and what i mean by that is it a port official on waste. The key is its mission the bake properly to be the most efficient and having the right a exactly were tied at now.

When your fish in clearwater spinnerbait you want to have one even if he is in a bright color like this. That you can move pretty fast. The key to a spinnerbait by is is given the fish a a good look at it but not such a good look that they can tell that it’s not a you know that it’s not a baitfish gone by i’m so… you know what i’d like to throw in this clearwater is a bait built for speed.

This is a striking scorcher spinnerbait it comes with 20 blades but it has the razor blades at in what i mean by these razor blades is there there and there narrow diameter than a standard will avoid and that gives him a tire rotation and less left so it allows me to real debate faster and still keep it down in the water their thing is this with this hat design you can really poll the spate fast in its gonna stay true in the water where run straight up and i’ll.

Another key thing is make sure that you always have a trailer hooked rate free to swing like that and in your spare base in clearwater lot of times the bass are gonna run up there and attack it and a and just try to kill it for first.

I’m gonna catch a lot of fish now. When you’re actually fishnet tell i like to position my boat just like this right now i’m gone dollop of and i can make a long casper that’s been our bank right up to the bank and fish parallel to it this keeps the bait or where the fish or in the strike zone the whole cast and i wanna keep the faith high in the water column that’s one the that number one thinks that you need to do in clearwater with a spinnerbait is regardless if the speed that you retrieve in the bait.

You can keep that lower up high to where the fish has to look up at against that brighter son and that thats that reflective surface it makes it harder you know to tell exactly what it is they to see the flash in the movement and they don’t see you you know that wire ahead in the blades and see that it’s a lower it looks more like a baitfish go over the top oven self you know keeping the bait in the strike cell keeping it about their line of sight and then again any chance that i get to fish a bank where there somewhere and or shape just like this that helps cut down the light penetration and again is going to help the skies that bait so they don’t see exactly what it is …

So i’m always thinking about that as i’m as an you know moving are alike and in different areas where am i gonna have the best opportunity for the a you know the fish to be active you know create a low light situation with you the way under this shape and put that lower the strike zone but the trolling motor and high cover but your water and that’s how you get a much better base.

kevin vandam