雑魚(ザコ)という名の 大物ベイト

Brett-Hite's-Zako-Swimbait--New-from-Yamamoto-2米ゲーリーヤマモトから新スイムベイトが発売される。その名も「ZAKO=雑魚」このルアーはBASS ELITE PRO “Brett Hite”によってプロデュースされた商品。ブレットが数年前からチャター用のトレーラーとして開発を進めていたそう。以前はスイムセンコーをセットしていたが…[画像] 開発者の記事によると見た目はシャッドで、ベリーを出してブルーギルをイミテートしたらしい。既に高額な金額をかせいでいるだけに事実上のマネーベイトとなる。ちなみに ZAKO は ノンソルト仕様となる。


The new Zako Swimbait was designed by Elite angler Brett Hite, and it’s his bait of choice as a swimbait trailer when he’s slinging chatterbaits or he’s in the mood to flip.


”I wanted a lure to mimic a bluegill or a shad, but I wanted a fish profile with a bigger belly. It needed to be beefy enough to hold a hook or jig,” says Elite Angler Brett Hite, who finished 2nd this year at Winyah Bay primarily fishing the Zako.

Additionally, Brett wanted to keep the tail action tight, similar to an actual baitfish, so we designed the tail with accordion-style cuts and a flanged tail which keeps the action minimal. Hookset ratios are also improved as the tail folds in on itself when the fish bite.

Another key feature of the Zako which is exceptionally useful when rigging it as a flip bait is the center line on the top of the bait – you’ll always know you’re rigging it dead center and that means the Zako will always run true.”

“The Zako is the absolute perfect trailer for a vibrating jig,” Hite said. “It’s 4 inches in length and has a deep belly for a larger profile like a bream, gizzard shad or shiner. And that has always been my goal: to have a swimbait trailer with a beefed up vertical profile without changing the vibrating jig’s traction through the water.”

“I know some swimming craws and creatures will work as trailers, but those pull the bait up and impede the action of the jig,” Hite added. “The Zako is a swimbait-style trailer that features a segmented back half and flanged tail, which transmits the vibration from the jig to the trailer instead of having a trailer creating its own action that fights the vibration of the jig. It’s a big profile trailer that causes very little drag on the jig and that’s exactly what I’ve been wanting for years.”

Another thing Hite relishes about the Zako is that he does not have to cut it, trim it or take a lot of time to carefully thread it on the hook.

“It’s ready to fish right out of the package,” Hite confirmed. “And it has a seam line right down the middle of the back that helps you line up the hook up perfectly so you’re not threading and rethreading the bait over and over trying to get it right.”

In addition the new Zako is complimented with some new colors from Yamamoto including a laminate with black and blue on top and green pumpkin on the bottom. Other new colors in the Zako include a rainbow shad, Tennessee shad and sight shad.