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ハンティングマーケットで創業100年を迎える South Bend 社からリリースされる携帯用のエアレーター。ボール型でバケツに入れればそのまま使用可能。またチューブの口も装着しているので従来のエアレーターにもなるそう。熱帯魚の運搬とかにも使えますね。

The South Bend Egg Aerator (US Patent Pending) is the first self-contained, free-floating aerator that takes the hassle out of aerating your live bait or live well. The smooth, fish-friendly egg design is free of corners and sharp edges that could harm live bait or catches, and it requires no wires, brackets or long tubes that could get kinked or tangled. An additional tube is included with each unit, which allows for the option to aerate from the bottom of a live‐well or bucket. The Egg Aerator is a year-round fishing solution, since its free-floating design allows it also to be used to prevent hole freeze-up when ice fishing.