今春のICAST2015にて発表された、クランクベイト「Castaic Boyd Duckett BDShad 」が遂にリリースされた。この連結ベイトはあのキャスティーク社からリリースされたモノで、テールがブラシになっている。カラーは全5色で$24.99 (3000円)となっている。

Castaic-Boyd-Duckett-BDShad-3 Castaic-Boyd-Duckett-BDShad-2

varieties of shad and baitfish, which populate fisheries across the United States. It sinks horizontally, just like a real baitfish descending in the water column, for a very realistic presentation that big bass can’t ignore. The Castaic Boyd Duckett BDShad will also randomly dart to the left or the right with short twitches and jerks on the retrieve, often generating bone jarring strikes. Deadly on a straight retrieve as well, the Castaic Boyd Duckett BDShad Swimbait also comes equipped with super sharp hooks to seal the deal on every strike. Available in a range of beautiful colors and finishes, the Castaic Boyd Duckett BDShad Shad is a great addition to any anglers swimbait arsenal.