shad-800px今年の初めに紹介した “ズームスイマー5インチ” に4インチが加わる事になった。このルアーは人気のホローボディ(中空)型のスイムベイト。元々はカリフォルニア周辺でデカバスハンター達に人気のあった 8インチサイズのスイムベイトだった。(残念ながら日本ではまだ開発されていない) 今期からズーム社が各地の魚に合わせたサイズを開発生産を進める事になった。ズーム社の開発コンセプトによると これらの中空スイムベイトは泳層をコントロールする事が自由自在にできる事が最大の魅力らしい。季節の変わり目などで 魚がサスペンドする時期に出番が多くなる事は間違いないだろう。またアラバマリグ等でも大活躍しそうな製品になりそうだ。[製品詳細]

Four-inch version fills need for snack-sized swimbait

Zoom Bait Company announces the release of the new 4-inch Zoom Swimmer, a downsized version of the company’s ultra-popular hollow bodied swimbait introduced early this year. While the new model is slightly smaller, it retains its 5-inch big brother’s lifelike swimming action because it features the same realistic shad-shaped body and lively paddle tail, just in a slightly more compact package.

This style of lure has taken the bass world by storm over the past half-decade, but just as the monstrous eight to twelve inch California versions don’t produce in every fishery, in some cases there’s a need for bite-sized finesse. Fishermen from coast to coast have clamored for a smaller version of the Swimmer that retained the same uniformity, constant swimming action and ultra-natural characteristics of the original. When the forage is smaller than usual or excessive fishing pressure makes the bite tough, this will become your go-to swimbait.

Like its larger counterpart, this downsized Swimmer moves water at any speed, and can be fished throughout the water column. It can be applied to a wide variety of techniques, too. While the Swimmer is exceptional on a weighted swimbait hook or a jighead, it’s also deadly on the back on a vibrating jig or swim jig, or even on a castable umbrella rig.

The 4-inch Swimmer will initially be available in six colors – Tennessee Shad, Ayu, Hitch, Lanier Shad, Guntersville Shad and Crystal Shad — to meet a wide variety of water colors and forage bases. Each one comes out of its clamshell package perfectly straight and intact.

The new smaller Swimmer will soon be available at leading tackle stores and online retailers. If you can’t find it, ask for it.