ズームからの新ブランド “ハンドポワードワーム” が登場!

zoomアメリカのジョージア州に拠点を置く大手ワームメーカー「ZOOM=ZBC」より新しいワームが発表された。その名も「Z-3 Swamp Crawler」3重層のハンドポワードのスワンプクローラーとなる。題して「ゼットスリー」*従来のスワンプクローラーは「インジェクション=噴射製法」今回はZ社はじまって依頼の「ハンドポワード製法=手流製法」となる。Z社の記事によるとこれらのワームはスレバスに効くらしい。そしてこのハンドポワードの「Garage Pours=ダサイ製法」を維持するのにえらく努力したらしい。サイズは6インチで8色リリースされるらしい。入り数は未定。

1.Bold Bluegill
2.Desert Craw
3.M.M. III
4.Oxblood Light Red
5.Prizm Shad
6.Pro Blue Neon
7.Z-3 Edge
8.Z-3 Magic

Z-3 Swamp Crawler will come in triple laminate patterns

 ZOOM Bait Company announces the release of the new Z-3 Swamp Crawler, a hand-poured, triple laminate straight-tailed worm that will be deadly on heavily –pressured bass from coast to coast. It combines the best attributes of hand-poured worms with affordability and Zoom’s legendary quality control.

 The 6-inch Swamp Crawler has long been one of Zoom’s most popular products, a shimmering, slithering worm, that can be used for a wide variety of purposes, from Texas rigging to Carolina rigging, affixed to a shakey head or on the back of a wobble head jig. It’s also one of the best lures ever offered for dropshotting, as its seductive wiggle moves naturally with even the slightest push of current. The new version will be just as tantalizing as the original, but the build process will be more like that of traditional “garage pours.” This is a labor-intensive, multi-step effort that produces a softer body and a wider array of colors, but which up until now has been difficult to replicate in a mass production setting.