米国のツアープロ「Ish Monroe=イッシュモンロー」彼はフロッグ使いの名手。そして、あの老舗フロッグルアーメーカー「SNAG PROOF」よりイッシュフロッグもリリースしています。そんな彼が「フロッグ入門」動画をアップしているので要点紹介&英文起こしておきます。今回は「アクション」についてです。

フロッグフィッシングに挑戦する ~アクション編~

ish-mororeヨ〜!ワッダアップ。ノートリアスBIGは俺のマイメンさ。イトワズ ア オールドリーム〜 アイユズトゥ〜リードア ワードアップマガジン〜 ユノワナミセ〜イ。これからイッシュ流のフロッグスタイルを紹介するぜ。よ〜く、チェックしといいてくれ!

Ish Monroe frog fisshing nyumonまずはロッドを紹介するよ。まずいいロッドがなければ大きな魚には太刀打ち(knife to a gunfight)できない。自分が使用しているのは7フィート4インチのヘビーアクションロッド。リールはギア比は7:0以上のモノを使用してくれ!ラインのスラッグが簡単にとれるからね。



walking frog actionアクションが自然な動きを「ウォーキング・フロッグ」と呼ぶんだ。







Now we gotta get into the equipment equipment very very important when you’re out its mission frogs you know it’s kinda late you don’t wanna take a knife to a gunfight you wanna show up with the 7-foot for heavy action rod this particular right here’s a diastasis rod arm designed by me jess for frog fishing high-speed real daiwa was billion type bar 7’4″ you wanna high gear racial real so that you can take up the slack really quick work that appropriately and in most importantly is the line maximus 65 powell braided line.

biwako bass fishing guide chouka 81When i’m out there fish in those thick heavy matte are sometimes go down the fiftieth on fishing arm in places that doesn’t have a lot to cover in it i’ll move down to fifty to make those longer casts with it and but minimum 50% most the time sixty five-pound maxima braided line and you’re going to be pretty much ready to go so let’s go proposition couple things to remember you know when a frog fish in one of those fish comes up a needs it you wanna set that hook 0 drag rem the reason i like this real 13 pounds a drag on this dye was million type r so you can completely locked down the drag your person 65 powermax a braille on so you can tow a truck with this line so you settle card.

You real real real real real and you swing that vision about i’m can tell you 7 89 pounds of swung the ball before on a frog because when you sit there and you buy them to give the prague an opportunity to pop out of his mouth you know there’s two different versions love issues that frog you have ish israel a fat frog initials poppin fried frog you know as you can notice out here.

We’re on a pretty flat calm dayyou know also i use the regular fat frogg because what we have callers walking the frog that’s where the frog is basically doing like a walking topwater bait were walks back and forth you can see it basing on from side to side and what that does that really triggers those big fish in a striking what you can do is you can actually take this may thrown into a pocket sit there and twitches and make it walk in that
same spot and what that does those big fish. Especially when they’re in their pre spahn mode nah not really you know super aggressive you one worked at bay really slow then as the water starts to warm you get into the spawn and post bond.

You want to start ripping that bait a lot faster across the top water now the great thing about the frog is you could do it pretty much anywhere anytime anyplace you know as long as for me the water temperatures over 56 degrees its kind to be out there frog vicious of fat frog can be thrown in any type a cover you could throw it in the heaviest serb heavy stuff you control over lambs you get rolling grass and its gonna come right out and that’s the great part about it is now that snag proof you can put in areas where the big bass live does for me the biggest bass live in the heaviest cover duckweed excellent places the dollar frog.

I’m yes i don’t be afraid to pitch it right middle the heaviest cover to those fish will come through that grass eat the bay see little pocket back in there pitch back up there and others dangling right there in a little pocket. I’m an official actually come up through their any dip. I throw frogs around every type structure out there open lily pads rocks docs grass you name it that’s from a throw the frog and the big fish will definitely come up and eat this a

Now we’re going into issues pop in bali poppin version %uh the frog what it is is on those days that you get a little breeze out there or you need to make some more noise this is the frog to go to i mean you can take this frog and throw it out there you can just pop it. And make beagle popping blurbs and just really triggers fish in a striking win you need to create a lot of noise sometimes the fish wanted subtle sometimes the fish one allowed as so issues poppin fatty is definitely the way to go and in on those breezy days where the winds picked

Up a little bit and the fish really need to find the bay you definitely wanna go with the pop inversion going over lambs comes right out excellent bait for guys getting you know kids out there fishing because you don’t have to spend a whole budget i’m you know fight with kid getting hung up because it’s pretty much knack for and then the popping up this is just you know just like if you’d popper just pop the rod down and once again you still fish in it on the 65 town maxima braided line you know right.

Now we’re fish in open water really trying to figure out how to get these fish in a striking songpop it really loud making really big pops tronic you know me police fish from a long ways like i said before you know you get fish to prague anywhere but i really like especially fishing around grass you know had demanded meditation the biggest fish live there and a great part about this bay once again you can’t draw right up in the middle that stuff and it’s going to come right out and its act together prison abate to the fish that they normally don’t get to see in a place that they normally don’t need to see bates they’re really comfortable up underneath their or get through it you working on the edges ovett i mean the fish can be anywhere the fish inner deftly sittin on the edges are the ones waiting free throw your prague by you find i slid piece a mad vegetation.

He deftly wanna throw by just like that right there i’m working across it make up a pauses let it sit there right now hold for a sec it working back through it’s like a frog trying to skip across the pads you can make wide walks with it short walks with it let the fish dictate to you on how they want your bait presented and that’s with any bait that your bishop don’t be afraid to put this frog in places you would normally not probate got it there just see use keep one in you want to do that stuff anything about and thats proposition for you guys right there you know kisses back rogge you set the hook on on crank pin wind up to the thickest possible cover i mean it. Simply that with the big lots for maxima 65 power braille on folks heavy rod dialer zillion real 731 high-speed you’re a show large to crank the station gets big bass just like this.

Casting accuracy very important when frog fishing been able to put their bait places that normally don’t get to see bates having a little bit a tip to that extra heavy action rod allows you to skip that bay in the places again where most people can’t get a bay and if you can present a bay like that you definitely increase your odds getting there by when you create jobs getting there by you increase your other catching more fish college big all lot or something to real big adult dry on look at that one and that love talking about right there that’s what you care church when i say swim in the pulp oh my goodness all mister issues for aug this is ish monroe behind the basics this is what you get with brock fishing guys go out there give it a shot a new kitchen giant bass like this one.