米国のツアープロ「Ish Monroe=イッシュモンロー」彼はフロッグ使いの名手。そして、あの老舗フロッグルアーメーカー「SNAG PROOF」よりイッシュフロッグもリリースしています。そんな彼が「フロッグ入門」動画をアップしているので要点紹介&英文起こしておきます。今回は「カラー」の選択方法です。

フロッグフィッシングに挑戦する ~カラー編~

ish-mororeヨ〜!ワッダアップ。ノートリアスBIGは俺のマイメンさ。イトワズ ア オールドリーム〜 アイユズトゥ〜リードア ワードアップマガジン〜 ユノワナミセ〜イ。これからイッシュ流のフロッグスタイルを紹介するぜ。よ〜く、チェックしといてくれ!


ish monroe frog lure irono erabikata color 2フロッグのカラーはとても重要なんだ。まずは「ホワイト」これは晴れている時にいい。そう雲一つない快晴の時さ。

ish monroe frog lure irono erabikata color 3そしてコレ。この「ブラック」これはローライト、曇りの時にとても効く。水が濁っている時にもいい。

ish monroe frog lure irono erabikata color 5そして天気が曖昧な日。曇ったり晴れたりとかそういう時は、このグリーンやチャートがいい。またブルーギルが多い時なんかも効くよ。魚が食べているベイト(餌)に少しだけ色を近ずける事が全てさ。ある湖でバスが茶色のカエル(Gopher Frog)を追っかけていた時にブラウンのフロッグをなげたら爆釣してさ。口の中から沢山のGopher Frog が出てきた事があったよ。ハハハ。ちょとした事が全てに繋がる重要な事さ。just imitates pretty much anything and everything.

ish monroe frog lure irono erabikata color 6そしてあとはこのカラー。このカラーはカリフォルニアで良く釣れるんだ。カリフォリニアに生息するヒキガエルはブラック&イエローなんだよ。みんなフロッグをやる前にベイト(餌)の観察をしてみてくれ!テクニック編に続く

Pay this this role here one most favorite things i love to do that’s frogfish. You know everybody knows among the best programs out there. I love catch official product because the biter explosive any catches big fish you know but you gotta get set up with the right frog you know issues that frog is definitely right from for you one thing about it is. It has a chamber completely separate from the cabin the body so you never get water in.

biwako bass fishing guide chouka 77It for all you guys out there will never had to squeeze your frog to get water out a bit no more you know issues about frog eliminates that so you never get water to carry the body so it stays floating every single time never thinks you know this caller hears called crystal crystal clear it is you know it’s one thing you do is you can paint it you can do

Whatever you want to it works excellent in clearwater talking about clearwater looks really getting the colors cause a very important you know on bright sunny days i like white light colors you know it shows a real will real in clean water but you get those darker days in dirty water you know i go to a black color you know this one hears call papa midnight so in those darker days he deftly want to make sure that your vision the black color and then in between you know those partly cloudy days i mix in a green one og original green or sexiest which is by bluegill pattern for when the fisher on bluegill beds you know i’ve got brown ones i’ve got black with black dial black and yellow

You know for all the guys out there in california you know just imitates pretty much anything and everything you know don’t be mistaken when your fish in a frog you’re not just trying to imitate for all your retain bluegill you’re taking proper you’re taking shad your meeting gophers you now actually one time had a fish you to go for right from me a plot a brown one and catch that there’s any still have the golfer in his mouth so that tells you when you’re out there fish in a frog imitation just about anything that the bass wants to eat so now that you got your color set up