mike iconelli hair jig tukaikata-6既に獲得賞金が日本円で約3億円に達成しているバスプロ「マイクアイコネリ」そんな彼の Youtube チャンネルから最新のシークレットテクニック「真冬のヘアージグ」がアップされているので要点要約紹介です。英文も起こしておきますので参考までに。

リグを沈まさせない技 “Neutral Buoyancy Technic”

mike iconelli hair jig tukaikata-5ハイ。皆さん元気にしていたかな?今日は皆さんに真冬のシークレットテクニック。ヘアージグの使い方を紹介しようと思うよ。殆どの人がヘアージグ(毛針)というと、トラウトなどに使う小さいモノを想像するが、バスではミディアムサイズ(2.5g~7g)のモノを使用するんだ。このヘアージグは真冬の一番最後に圧倒的に効くキラーベイトなんだ。

mike iconelli hair jig tukaikata-4ルアー:まずジグのヘアーの素材だが、熊(Marabou), 鹿の毛(deer hair), 人工毛シンセチック(sympathetic), ウサギ(rabbit) 等々、色々ある。結論からいうと少し長めの膨張巻きさせた、シンセチックが一番いい。理由は浮力(buoyancy)が強いからだ。ヘアージグの肝は沈ませない様に水中でニュートラルを保ちながら超スローに沈ませる事さ!そうだね。ジャークベイトのようにね。あとオススメでジグのシャンクに数センチにカットしたストレートワームを装着するといい。理由は遠投が効く事と、キャスト時にヘアーが広がる(umbrella out)為にヘアーの水が切れ易いんだ。

mike iconelli hair jig tukaikata-1アクション:次にアクションの付け方を説明するよ。まずこのジグを操作するにはサムアイ(some eye 半目)スラックラインというテンション方法を習得して欲しい。ラインは張らず垂らさず張り過ぎせずという感じかな… キャストしたらロッドの角度は12時から3時の角度でゆっくり、ジグを送り込むようにフォールさせて、ゆっくりゆっくりプレゼントテーションするんだ。このアクションがバスには死んで沈んできたベイトのように見えるようで、スイッチを入れる事ができるんだ。再度、サムアイスラックをしっかりとってくれよな。

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 Hi, everybody ike is here want to talk to about another one of my secret cold water wintertime bait. You’re looking at it right there. it’s a hair jig and i wanna talk to you about this unique hair jig. I want to talk to you about how to fishing and i’ll talk to you about the equipment but you know.

 Let’s start with the bait and a lot of times when people hear the word they assume it’s in one of the traditional categories there thinking about the micro hair jigs still really small floating fly style hair jigs you know from a 2/32 oz up to a 1/16 oz fish behind a bobber or fished on really really light line on the bottom floor when you say hair jigs people think about that really big buck tail style structure fishing deep water fishing style jig a lot like to use in the summertime but for me this is that medium-sized the mid-sized here jig has become a real secret for me a real killer.

 when water it’s cold and anticipate you know there’s a couple real keys to what you’re looking for you know on jig head wait i want something from a 1/16 all the way up to about a quarter of an 1/4 oz and i want to hair jig with all won’t amount of how not a short little micro here but if you look at that i want something with an inch and a half to three inches of lying on that happens there’s a lot of work on the materials you can buy from marabou to deer hair to bear and rabbit but my number one choice in this cold water period is actually sympathetic its synthetic material man-made material and the reason that i want that kind of hack on this jig is because of buoyancy and this bait on the fall is actually going to almost float down real slow just like a suspending jerkbait just like a weighted crank they the speech gonna be almost neutral buoyancy and sink very slow and that cold water period absolutely critical to get that date to fall real slow.

 You’re the only modification of gonna make this pain it’s a key one is every time i think i’m gonna add a broken piece of plastic worm on the shank of that hook and about half an inch wall i’m gonna threaded on the shank that hook and that’s going to do two things going to give me a little bit extra weight for when i’m cast in that thing and it’s going to let that hair where let that synthetic hair really on bro lol and i thread on the shank and you can see how it keeps it popped out to the side so that’s a little bit about the bait

 let me tell you a little bit about the technique could officious bait and again remember that kato this state is that is very slow almost neutral in the water so when i cast as bait out making it fall letting it fall is the key moving on that bait. I’m gonna make my cast out there and when i let this big fall i want to let it fall on a semi slackline you know what’s up my slack means is a slight bow in that line you just won a slight arc in that line so you’re not letting it fall in a tight line your phone at only slackline a slight bow in the line and when you do that debate falls naturally and super slow to the bottom so i want to cast that bad out there and i wanted the fall i’m gonna watch my line keep that slight both my line until it hits the bottom want to head to the bottom i’m going to do to get my bra top left it from about two or three o’clock to about 12 real slow and follow back down and i’m gonn repeat the procedure all way back to the end that date is looking like easy meals to those fish in that cold water looking like a dying for a middle ish adenauer wife barely sinking down really easy meal for those cold water you know as far as line in equipment real critical to this presentation.

 You know online choice i always want to throw this thing on light fluorocarbon light fluorocarbon line is dance its heavy line sinks and that’s going to give the bank the most action i like six and eight pound berkeley trial in fluorocarbon you know on the rod and reel for sure this is a financed spinning rod application but i want a long spinning rod i want to use the length that really long spinning rod to help me cast this late date of a good distance so i use a seven four to seven and a half foot medium action spinning rod really key to use that longer rod and then finally on the real i like to bump up one side and the real or what’s normally specs so i like a 40 size wheel spinning reel to handle that for carbon and remember never over filled at spinning reel leave at least an eighth of an inch of that sports bows and you won’t have that twist problem.

 Let me tell you in the wintertime in cold water conditions when things get tough and they will try the seeker hair jig technique with this equipment and you would have put some fishing boat even one of the call i promise

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