scott-martin-lure-colorFLWツアープロ Scott Martin が「ルアーカラーの選択方法について」の短編動画がアップされているので要点翻訳紹介&英文も起こしておきます。


scott-martinチェ〜ス。みんな元気かい?いろいろなアングラーから「フィールドでどうやってルアーのカラーを選択するのか?」という質問をよくもらうよ。今日は自分流のルアーカラーの選択方法を教えるよ。まず、そこのフィールドでバスが何を食べているか?という事を調べてみる事が大切だね。例として、小魚、ブルーギル、エビ、ザリガニ? もし小魚を食べている場合はホワイトカラーを俺はチェイスするよ。ホワイトのスイムジグ、スピナーベイト、チャターベイトとかクランクベイトもね。俗にいう小魚パターンだね。反対にメインのエサがブルーギルやエビ、ザリガニの場合もフィールドによっては多々ある。特に春先に多い。そういう時はウォーターメロンやグリーンパンプキン&ブラックブルーラメのナチュラル系のワームをチョイスするんだ。

そして次に大切なのが水質(Water Priority)。水が透明(Clear)か濁り(Muddy)かを見極める必要がある。もし水質がクリアーならばワームは透き通っている(Translucent)ものがいい。もし水に色がついているならば、ルアーのカラーは透き通っていないモノをチョイスするんだ。


You know a question. I get all the timeas how do i choose the right lower color. Well that’s a that’s a really broadquestion. There’s a lot of answers to that but let me give you a few tips on how to help refine that that that down a little bit and here’s how i start off every day that i never liked the firstto find out.

What are the fish lean on the fish feeding on shad are they feeding on bluegill and crayfish that’s the very first thing. I figure out because if they’re feeding on chad and i’m gonna fish with bates it imitates shed your whitebait secure white buzz baits your your white swim baits white crowd edge of whites women jigs your your your white colored crankbaits anything shad pattern that’s a very simple way up to figure that out right now.

If you’re feeding on bluegill and crayfish in a lot of times in the spring when these fish wrap shall of the number you going to rate this i’m gonna finish with more of my natural color is your watermelon green pumpkins your black and blues you know like you have here that’s a bruise or black and blue crazy crawl actually green pumpkin and blue to really cool color.

You know your chatter bates imitates that color right there imitates a bluegill you know i’m gonna stay away from those white colors so that’s really how i base it a lot of times and then the next thing you want to do is figure out water clarity real simple if it’s real clear crystal clear water like we have here behind us8 i’m gonna fish with more natural colors more natural colors if i’m fishing for salmon fish more translucence.

I might not throw a straight white spinnerbaits i might throw one of those translucent type skirts you know the candidacy three whites if it has a little color in the water then i’m going through your straight whites if it’s muddy i’m gonna go to your darker colors are black and blues but again water clarity if it’s darker darker mates if it’s clean and clear go with lighter color bates so that’s basically how i choose what color bates to fish.


Learning how to pick the right lure colors. This video will help you catch more bass for sure…Deciding on which color lure to choose can be a hard question to answer. In this instructional fishing tip pro angler Scott Martin explains what he does to catch more fish.

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