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©Paul Bailey

今年の初めに紹介した スポテッドバスの世界新記録より更なるニュース。カリフォルニアの「LAKE X」という秘密の湖でスポッテッドバス a.k.a スポッツ, ケンタッキーバス(ラージマウスの近縁種)の世界新記録サイズのバスが同時に2尾も釣れていたらしい。これらのバスを釣り上げたのは Paul Bailey氏とShea McIntee氏 特にポールさん(左)が釣り上げたバスは11.6ポンド(約5200グラム)と世界新記録になるらしい。そしてこのポールさんはカリフォルニアのDFG (California Department of Fish and Wildlife) に記録認定の確認を立ち会いで行って貰おうとセンターに連絡したが、担当員の到着まで待っていられなかったようで、逃がしてしまったらしい。(記録認定にはまずは係員の確認が必要)ちなみ同時に釣ったシェアさんの魚は8ポンド(3600グラム)とこれも大きい。同じエリアで同じ時間帯に釣れたそうです。ディープラインで生息するスポッテッドバスは成長するのには他の魚よりも長い時間が掛かるらしい。ちなみに今回ポールさんが使用したワームは6インチのロボストレートワーム(カラー:アーロンズマジック)7グラムの ピカソ シェイキーヘッドジグヘッドだったらしい。

このコンテンツは "いいね" で回覧できます。

“It was a crazy day today,” Newman said. “We were filming an episode for Shea McIntee’s Stoked on Fishing up in Northern California, and when we hit the water, everything was frosted because of freezing temperatures. We caught a few rats early, but we moved back in a pocket. I cast up in the back of the pocket and felt like one was swimming out with my bait. I set the hook and landed an 8-pound spotted bass, my personal best. So I started doing the celebration dance.

“While I’m back there dancing with my new personal record spotted bass, Paul makes the same cast I just made, and I see him set the hook, telling me it’s another giant. I throw my fish in the livewell as he plays the fish for at least a minute making big runs out in deep water. He finally gets it boat side, and I lip it.

“As soon as I put my hand on its jaw, I looked at the camera and said, ‘Dude! It’s a world record!’ Paul said, ‘Dude it’s a 10-pounder.’ I said, ‘No dude; it’s a world record. I’m telling you.'”

They weighed the fish on their scale at 11 pounds, 4 ounces. They immediately called the California Department of Fish and Game. Unfortunately this where the story takes a dissappointing turn. The duo tried for several hours but could not find anyone at the California DFG willing to come certify the catch. They asked to transport the fish alive to someone who would certify it. Again they got the run around and were told they could not transport a bass alive to another location. They kept trying to get someone to meet them to certify the catch and after many futile attempts, they were forced to release the fish without having it certified by a biologist.

“We didn’t want to kill the fish and wait until tomorrow to for someone to weigh it,” Newman said. “We were so stoked to have caught the fish on film, including weighing it on three seperate scales. So we decided to let it go and hope for the best. We’re not sure what will happen from here, but we’re still stoked.”

Both Matt’s 8-pounder, and Paul’s 11-pounder were caught on 1/4-ounce Picasso Shakedown Shaky heads with 6-inch Roboworm Fat Straightail Worms in Martens Magic. The duo was targeting the backs of deep pockets and would cast shallow and pull the shaky head slowly on the bottom. The bites came towards the anglers so they never really felt the bites. It just felt like they were pulling into nothing so they set the hook.

In fact, after all the craziness of the first two catches, Newman made a third cast to the magic spot. He couldn’t feel his worm dragging and Bailey said that’s exactly what his bite felt like. So Newman set on basically nothing and landed another big spot weighing more than 6 pounds. After that they got giddy about trying to get the record certified and never made another cast.

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