Wild Thang 8.5 tuhan

新クランク “ワイルドサング” の使い所

Wild Thang 8.5 tuhan-2新しいクランクベイト「Berkley® Wild Thang 8.5=ワイルドサング 」このクランクベイトの設計者、デビットフリッツ氏のクランクコンセプトがジャスティンルーカス氏によって発表されたので要点紹介です。(英文も起こしておきます)このクランクベイトは水温が7.5度前後で使用するように専用設計されている。つまり、早春や晩秋の魚がなかなか動こうしない一番難しい時期を攻略する為のクランクベイト。使い方は簡単で5:4位のローギアのリールでボトムのロックやブッシュパイルを絡めるようにゆっくり引くだけ。このリップの形状からも分かるように、エラティックアクション(チンチコリン)を簡単に出せるようになっているとの事です。

Wild Thang 8.5 tuhan-4本当はミノーでやるべきアクションをクランクベイトで代用する為のクランク。正にクランクベイトアングラーに向けたクランク設計者が設計したクランクになっている。フロントのフックが全く動いていない動きに注目です。

 Wandering, or hunting crankbaits combine the triggering attributes of jerkbaits and crankbaits into a single deadly cold water package. They’re widely known as prespawn bass catching machines, but as Elite Series pro Justin Lucas points out, “the prespawn isn’t the only calendar period this crankbait category shines.” Anytime the water is cold – late fall, winter and spring, is a good time to slow crank chunky hard wobbling baits like the Berkley Wild Thang 8.5. Justin delivers the finer points of when, where, and how to fish these baits, and we also think you’ll enjoy seeing the Wild Thang tearing it up underwater.

 Everyone justin lucas here want to talk to you for a minute about current fades. And you know the one that you see right. Here is the new berkeley digger 8.5. This is your standard conventional cloud right here.

 But i wanna talk to you about the different from your standard type crankbaits with those type of bills to this one right here which is the wild thing 8.5 and this baby is designed specifically to be fished around fraud 45 degree. Banks gonna be a colder weather creates a so late fall winter and early spring.

 You know right up until the spawn when those federal response but the one thing that you gotta know about this crime pays on a standard bait like this figure 8.5. You can really get back to you wanted to attract through all the way back to go the whole time brisbane. Right here is bill you re-list slower speeds so highly recommend 5:4:1 gear ratio like the winch you know i’m real dissing as slow as you can and really feel it to crawl around those rocks because this page it doesn’t track necessarily true.

 It does a little bit and that’s what we wanted when building a david fritz what’s the mindset behind her saying it is going to be a fish catcher if you fish right so slow 45 degree banks cold weather so a lot like a jerk a fish are gonna follow this page you know.

 They’re gonna follow crime faithful who jerk bait and what gets him to react on a jerk a lot of times as the erotic nurse of it you know they don’t know which side it’s going to start to next and that really gets their attention quickly and you know cause them to feed so this baby is gonna do that so when officials following you know they’re going to track this thing behind it before.

 They just come over and get it right away and when they’re tracking and it doesn’t stay on the same affable way through and it kinda deflect off the letter to flex off to the right on naturally so to speak that’s what’s going to trigger the fish to buy it now following this page and you know there’s really nothing else like it on the market to me it’s definitely a clear water bay they built he colors for clearwater you know of course it’s going to work in dirty water as well but the key is facing its slow right out of the box so don’t be afraid to go with these hunting style it’s like the wild thing 8.5.

 You know when fisher aggressive the digger 8.5 and really get on the fast 721 covering a total water that’s great but when they’re looked you need something that’s gonna you know have a little bit different action something you need to really cross over the rocks and not be right there is gonna do

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