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berkley-havoc-bobby-rane-4バークレー社のHAVOCブランドからリリースされている Craw Fatty® 新たに3インチにサイズダウンした Craw Fatty® Jr が加わる。ワームのプロデューサー Bobby Lane氏によると ボディーを1インチ程 詰めてリブを高くし ボディにも厚みを持たせたそうだ。これらの扁平なボディにはルイジアナ方面では圧倒的な支持者が多いそうな。琵琶湖でも釣れそうです!早く使ってみたいですね〜

Pro designed to help you catch more bass, Berkley is releasing their brand new line-up of Havoc baits to coincide with 2011 Bassmaster Classic on the Loisiana Delta. The Berkley Havoc Lane’s Craw Fatty – measuring in at 4″ – was designed by top Bassmaster Elite Series veteran pro and flipping master, Bobby Lane. It features a fatter body for a bigger profile, which means it also attracts bigger bass. Extremely versatile as well, you can flip it, Texas-rig it, or put it on a jighead.”The Craw Fatty has bigger ribs and a wider body to increase action and trigger more bites, and the thinner design in the body will result in flawless hook sets. You can flip it, pitch it, punch it, rig it on a jig, Texas-rig it, or Carolina-rig it.” – Bobby Lane