The 6th Sense Curve 55 商品写真


6th センス (Curve 55 utilizes)

米時間7月10~13日に米仏州の オーランド コンベンションセンターで開催された「ICAST 2018」にて発表された The 6th Sense社 Curve 55 utilizes クランクベイト 6THセンス社は米テキサス州 に拠点を置く会社で 最新のトレンドアイテムに スパイス と ヒネリ を効かせた感じの会社で 新製品をリリース、巻き上げを計っている会社となる。今回も 55mm クラスの早春のパターンに欠かせないクランクベイトを発売。動画の説明によると内部に構成された他社では例を見ない Uの字(U-shaped weight chamber) の形をした移動重心型のクランクベイトとなるらしい。

[価格]$7.99 | 2.25″
[発売日] 発売中

Delivering an erratic hunting action that provokes fish into striking, the 6th Sense Curve 55 Crankbait moves through the water like a curve ball. Its unique U-shaped weight chamber causes the internal weight to swing left and right rather than front to rear, which causes the Curve 55 Crankbait to swim with an unpredictable side-to-side motion that fish simply cannot resist. The rounded lip is specifically designed for deflections off of rock, and also helps produce a tight wiggle that enhances the Curve 55 Crankbait’s wild, almost out of control action.

The Curve 55 Crankbait is fitted with premium EWG style treble hooks for increased hook up and landing ratios, as well as, 3D eyes, gill plates, and textured scales for an added level of attraction. Available in a wide range of custom painted colors, the 6th Sense Curve 55 Crankbait delivers absolutely deadly action that big bass will inhale.

The 6th Sense Curve 55 utilizes a specialized weight system that will make this smaller sized crankbait dance in the water with an abstract side-to-side motion. Diving in the 5 to 9 foot depth range with a tight wobble, the Curve can be cranked along rocky banks and gravel flats, over grass, and near just about any other structure.