mike iaconelli going ike-5既に獲得賞金が日本円で約3億円に達成しているバスプロ「マイクアイコネリ」そんな彼の Youtube チャンネルから最新のテクニックがアップされているので要点要約紹介です。英文も起こしておきますので参考までに。

秋の魚はこうやって探せ。”trigger fish to bite”

mike iaconelli going ike-1ハイ。みんな元気にしていたかな?今日は少し秋のストロングパターンを紹介しようと思うよ。秋のフィールドというのは、季節が変わる時で魚の動きはとても機敏になる。この様な時期を「fall transition季節移変」 という。バスはアクティブになり、どんなルアーでも投げれば釣れる。逆を返せばねらって「釣る」という事はもっと難しくなる。そこで魚の探し方を今日は紹介する。必殺の喰わせ技さ!

mike iaconelli going ike-4ロケーション:キーポイントは rock transition bank(岩があるバンク) を探す。(バスは岩や目印を中心に回遊する) コーヴやポケットの前の rock transition bank が特に有効になる。そしてプラス deeper Point や creek から流れている冷水が交わる rock transition bank が magic(美味しい場所)さ。

mike-iaconelli-going-ike-7ルアー:次に magic ポイントの魚を反応させる方法だが、俺はこのクランクベイト DT-6 を使う。クランクベイトを使いバンク上でバウンスさせて喰わせるんだ。秋のバスのポジションは既に決まっていて、1.2メートルから1.5メートルに座っている。だからこのDT-6は1.8メートル潜行深度で設計してあるんだ。

mike iaconelli going ike-3ロッド&タックル:次にタックルを紹介する。ラインはフロロカーボーン10-12ポンド。リールはギア比6.1のローギアモデル。しっかりとクランクがボトムにタッチした跡にゴリゴリと巻ける事が重要だ。そしてロッドは7フィートのディレイ(スローテーパー)シリーズ。このロッドはカーボングラスコンポジットロッド成形。スポンジティップを言われている位の曲がりようなんだ。見てくれ!こんなに曲るんだぜ!

mike iaconelli going ike-6

 Hi, everybody i want to talk to you about the bait and the path that dominated and going on like episode 3 landfill bass fishing with bridget man it was a great experience because it was a special little lake but even when pinnacle lake it’s a very tough time of the year .

 we were there doing what’s call fall transition. and if fall transition official moving from their summertime places and heading back into the creeks and coves and then go back a lot of bait. so we were there right ahead of them really getting on that fall feed. when you could throw anything in catch up.

 so it was a strong little bit the beginning a few on a chater bait. but they keilor us throughout the day was a crack bait i want to talk to you about the bait we fished why and where we fished there and then we’ll talk a little bit about the ride in rio you know.

 let’s talk about the location first and on the location the key spots were what i call rock transition banks in front of the coves in the pockets and anywhere that you found a deeper water access point. a creek a deepwater turn that touched rock and if that rock was sitting in front of a popular a creek that was the magic but finding a wasn’t enough we had to trigger the bike they weren’t actively feeding so we had to make him react

 and we used one of my favorite base for that time of the year we used a crankbait the key bait was a rapala DT-6 and it was then i guess custom ink color call blue back herring perfect imitation of the shad forage that was found in that lake and you know the key to this debate was getting that balance our deflect off that rock the boat basically sat in anywhere from 8 to 10 for the water we cast toward the bank and nose bass were sitting at 425 for water that’s why we picked the DT-6 you always want to pick a crankbait that runs as deep or little deeper than what is your vision so DT-6 was perfect we had to get that bait and caused it to bump into those rocks deflect off those rocks that was so key and that was really the magic bait of the day.

 let me talk a little about the line run real online berkeley Trilene in 100% fluorocarbon we used 10 and 12 pound test for carbon is excellent for crank bait fish unless the big it down there but the run real report abu garcia revo reel and a slower gear ratio 6:4:1 force ourselves to really get it down slow it down and grind along those rocks.

 but now here’s the key don’t rod upholding the exact model used the show to abu garcia ik series rod it’s the seven-foot dole a series rods seven-foot delay series and our delay series rod is actually a composite rod. and here’s the matter to the cows monday that it is its composite it’s a mix of fibergrass and graphite and anytime you’re using a trebled hooks that real soft parabolic rod is gonna do two things the first things to do its gonna give you a little bit of delay when that comes up and bites and stay away because its composite because it’s gonna eat before you pull into you know the other thing is going to do is your land more fish if you look at the video a lot of fish or slapping that it did you’re making react and a lot of times i have one hole in their mouths her one hook on the side and when that happens that real soft parabolic action i seriously rods.

 that’s the deal hope you had a great time watching the key made for landfill bass and fall transition get yourself a crankbait find sera transition and you’re gonna catch bass, too.

mike iaconelli