マジョーラカラーの アイク サグネチャーモデル

あの Mike Iaconelli デザインによるロッドが、間もなくUSでリリースされるらしい。(全15本)ここで面白いのはアイクは、ロッドに対しても「Ratio=レシオ」という言葉を使用している。このロッドはレシオが80-20らしい。ミッドベリーが80でティップが20くらい曲がるということ。[製品詳細]

The best secret tip that I can give anyone, which is not-so-secret, is use the right tool for the job. It’s hard wrestling big bass out of the grass with a light action spinning rod. Check out this series 15 rods, specially built for the job, and they’ll help you catch more fish using your favorite fishing technique.

Champion professional BASS and FLW angler Mike “Ike” Iaconelli has been working with Abu Garcia for years to develop this series of 15 custom technique-specific fishing rods. This series contains 5 graphite casting rods, 5 graphite spinning rods and 5 composite rods. Every particular was considered in making these technique-specific graphite and graphite/glass composite rods.

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