アメリカのジョージア州に拠点を置く大手ワームメーカー「ZOOM=ZBC」より新しいワームが発表されました。正確にはリバイバルのフィネスワームです。ズーム社では40年以上前から発売されているロングセラー”クラシック”。その名も「Z-3 finesse worm」3重層のハンドポワードのフィネスワームとなる。*従来のフィネスワームは「インジェクション=噴射製法」今回はZ社はじまって依頼の「ハンドポワード製法=手流製法」とな る。Z社の記事によるとこれらのワームはスレバスに効くらしい。そしてこのハンドポワードの「Garage Pours=ヘタクソ製法」を維持するのにえらく努力したらしい。カラーは3色「Prizm Shad, Sexy Shad and Morning Dawn」のみの発表。次のエリートシリーズ実践投入されるようで、まだ詳細は明らかにされていません。

 Zoom Bait Company announces the reintroduction of the Original Zoom Worm, a finesse worm that dates back 40 years. Except now, it will come in hand-poured triple laminate patterns instead of the conventional injection colors that originally comprised its lineup.

 This release comes a year after Zoom brought out the “Z-3” triple laminates in the Swamp Crawler product, another finesse-oriented worm. Anglers across the country have clamored for additional products to be released in this lineup, and the subtle 6-inch Original – with its flat tail, slight egg sack and lightly-ribbed body – seemed a likely choice to fulfill the needs of dropshotters. Like its predecessor, it combines the best attributes of hand-poured worms with affordability and Zoom’s legendary quality control.

 The new version will be just as tantalizing as the original, but the build process will be more like that of traditional “garage pours,” a labor-intensive, multi-step effort that produces a softer body and a wider range of color options. Up until now, this has been difficult to replicate in a mass production setting. Nevertheless, its shape will remain true to the original upon which the Zoom brand was built.

The Z-3 Original Zoom Worm will initially be available in three colors – Prizm Shad, Sexy Shad and Morning Dawn – to match your local forage and water color. It will soon be available at leading tackle stores and online retailers.