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米時間 3月17日〜20日にフロリダ州で開催されたバスマスターエリートシリーズ「セントジョンズリバー戦」マイクアイコネリは27位(獲得賞金120万円)でフィッニッシュ。アイクチャンネルから最新のテクニックがアップされているので要点要約紹介です。英文も起こしておきますので参考までに。



Michael Iaconelli st john rivers-3①まず一番目のパターンが Flat Dawg で釣る方法。[参照] でもこれで釣れる魚は小さい。

Michael Iaconelli st john rivers-4②ベッドバスには Grass Pig スイムベイトが便利さ。サーチしながら更にサイズアップさせる為に使用したんだ。カラーはカリフォルニア。フックはワイドゲイプなスプリングコイル式のモノがオススメ。

Finishing an impressive 27th place, Michael Iaconelli put together an 46.15lb, 3-day stringer using a combination of Berkley baits to target bedding bass. Utilizing the fish-catching power of the Berkley Havoc Ike’s Flat Dawg and the Berkley Havoc Bobby Lane’s Grass Pig, Mike was able to cash a check in the sometimes-difficult Florida fishery. Make sure to keep it locked-in to the Tackle Warehouse VLOG to get more exclusive content, tournament tips, and the best prices on the best products.

 hey tackle warehouse fans mike wanna give you my tackle recap for the st. Johns river in florida. You know florida for me has been a tough state. My track record there’s not too good. But i had a good event had a top 27 finish and i did it primarily on one key bait fishing for spawning fish. But i was fishing for spawning fish that i couldn’t see with my eyes. I was blind casting for spawning fish and i used to bates i used berkley havoc flat dog which is a stick mate’s debate and i texas rig that

 But might keep bait finding fish and planning bigger fish was a swimbait and you don’t think of a swimbait as being a paper spawning fish. But it is especially when you can’t see them and i fish and more off colored water, said. That black color to it and i have explained be called a grass pig it’s a great search bait fish and color called california and the hope was real important, too. Because when you get a play around a place that has big fish hooks important and i used a vmc this is a vmc swim bait hook and it’s a #6. It’s a great big hole criticized that gap 6 i like approved swim bait hook and the nice thing about this is all you do is you just you screw it in that screw lock in the front and then when i read that made i wanna show you how big this gap is and how much light is there and you just expose.

 It but take a look at the bite on that hawk and when they got it boom will you call that hope you have there key baits for me at the st. John’s caught him on a flat dog but the habit grass pig was absolutely key miquelle for st. Johns river tackle warehouse this debate that i was actually doing last year in the elite series is like the natural blue yellow color may learn you know you don’t want to waste your time use the biggest weight that you can get away with.

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