2-mike-iaconelli-lure-no-color-sentaku-houhou既に獲得賞金が日本円で約3億円に達成しているバスプロ「マイクアイコネリ」そんな彼の Youtube チャンネルから「マイク流ルアーカラーの選択方法」がアップされているので要点要約紹介です。英文も起こしておきますので参考までに。

カラー選びは自然に考えよう “matching the hatch”

3-mike-iaconelli-lure-no-color-sentaku-houhouハイ。みなさん元気にしていたかな?リバー “ヤス”は釣れているようだね。今日はいろいろな方から最も頂く質問でもある「ルアーカラーの選択方法」について説明しようと思うよ。ルアーと言っても色々とあるよね。トップウォーター、スピナーベイト、クランクベイトとかね。今日はソフトベイトにフォーカスを置こうと思うよ。私がカラーを選ぶ上での最低条件は2つある。①バスが食べているエサ(Forage) を基本に選ぶ ②天候の光量。水質の明暗差で選ぶ。具体的にカラーサンプルを使って説明するよ。









Mike Iaconelli discusses his two-pronged approach when selecting the right colors for his lures. The first of which is “matching the hatch,” which involves picking colors similar to the natural forage that the bass are feeding on. The other factors for consideration are the light conditions and water clarity. Keep these tips in mind to help you narrow down your color selection and be more effective while on the water!

I get a lot of questions about picking the right color. Picking the right color of your bait. And i’m talking about any lure i’m talking about hard baits spinnerbaits topwaters crankbaits.

Especially soft plastics what’s the right color what color should i use and i’ve got a real general rule that i use it’s a two-part rule on selecting color and the first part of that rule is i’m going to select color based on forage. It’s an old same called match the hatch and basically what i’m trying todo with my bates is i’m trying to match what those baths are eating naturally in the environment. So if it’s shad for minnows or some sort of silvery white species of bait fish a whitebait if it’s a little perch little bluegills green pumpkins. If it’s craw fish browns black-and-blue to imitate a crawfish so i’m always thinking about forage when i picked my color.

Second thing as an overriding factor are the light is the light conditions and the water clarity and my general thumb is the clear the water the brighter the day the more translucent and natural i want my colors colors like watermelon and green pumpkin that are very natural looking but in dirty or water and muddy water and when there’s low light conditions i want something brighter or something with more contrast something like black black with blue or chartreuse to really present a lot of contrast and brightness use those two rules when picking color for your baits especially soft plastics and you’re going to catch more fish.

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