Timmy-Horton-big-crank-bait-4USで人気のサイト wired 2 fish にて面白い動画が Timmy Horton氏(2000年 A.O.Y)によってアップされているので要点翻訳紹介です。お題は「Understanding Big Bait Trends in Bass Fishing=流行とルアーサイズの関係」です。英文も起こしておきますので参考までに。








Big and bold lures like magnum flutter spoons, swimbaits, and giant crankbaits are becoming commonplace in bass fishing. This fact is based on the ability of big lures to trigger strikes from the biggest and most active fish in an area. Elite Series pro Timmy Horton makes the case for huge baits, especially on waters teaming with gizzard shad, trout, and other large forage species. In doing so, he takes away the apprehension of throwing these baits baits for bass.

The last several years one thing that has really been training is big lowers. You know we we face tomas tatar pappas limit so you really need to be catching big fish and we’re finding that a lot of these fish on these d pledges rather you at lake eufaula toledo being pickwick lake lake guntersville a roomie feeding on big gizzard shad. I mean said that or even a lot bigger than this spoon. This is the ben parker magnum spoon and a good friend of mine he designed this thing and when i first seen it i thought man i don’t know i don’t know how you gonna catch one and i want to hit up without played volleyball with it said smoking on the school of fish you catch some of the biggest fish in a school.

My favorite thing that was crying that youknow fifteen years ago this year there’s a vos quien which is a standard medium running crankbaits this was considered a big lure we’ve got to 20 that come out and even now that the boss 25 and you’re talking about just a magnum big debate again going to big louies to maxies gizzard shad that these bats are feeding on this one right here wit died down into twenty twenty-five feet of water opposite a lot even in 17-18 because i like it to be digging and eating on the bottom but it’s something that’s really transcending don’t let it intimidate you i cannot tell you how many to pounders caught on as a boss 25 even on this big magnum spoon bass i tell people all the time they don’t have a mere ko how big or how little they are and i’m telling you these big lewis work till triggers try and

one of the biggest upset i like to tell people on if you’ve got a school of fish did you know we’re sitting on a spot one of the things that i like to do is throw one of these big lowers on my very first cast there’s a lot of times you can get the big fish to buy first in a specially for showing something really big you know you don’t see you know a lion going around the real small prey biggest carnivores you know they’re going to eat or go we began at the same way about this is a big bass is gonna eat big lures big bay and that’s what you want with these big bore so go check them out and don’t be intimidated by me you don’t get a lot of big fish

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