奇抜なデザイン “トッププラグ” がデュー

bill-lewis-stutterstep-nyuka-tuhan3今年の ICAST 2016 にて発表された Bill Lewis社から新発売された全く新しいジャンルのトップウォータープラグ。(Bill Lewis社はRat-L-Trap等のルアーを手掛ける50年以上の歴史を持つ会社)これは スタッターステップ という商品で「詰まった様に水面を切り裂く」というように左右に動くアクションを演出する。プロデューサーは “wag-the-tail” が重要だと述べる。 ICAST 2016では「ベスト・オブ・ハードプラグ賞」にノミネートされてたが、残念ながら受賞を逃した注目すべきハードプラグとなった。そんな水中映像が公開!

Bill Lewis StutterStep~Originally designed for tiger-fish in Zimbabwe, the Bill Lewis StutterStep has proven in early testing to be a phenomenal bass lure. Most impressive, the StutterStep offers up to three distinct topwater actions that aren’t exactly like anything we’ve seen before.

 This may be the beginning of a new topwater category. Its namesake “stutter-step” action allows for the angler to make the bait walk on 90-degree cuts instead of the standard 45-degree walks that traditional walking baits get. Instead of the lure coming right to the angler, this allows for the lure to be “stutter-stepped” back and forth right next to targeted cover prolonging its hang-time over the strike zone.

 The “wobble-wake” action is what happens when you reel a StutterStep over slick water, while using no rod action. It’s a slow-medium, buzz-bait style retrieve that leaves the ‘Step wobbling and waking across the surface. The “wag-the-tail” action is a cover-water-fast type retrieve. While steady reeling the StutterStep, the angler puts soft-rhythmic twitches on the rod make the lure’s tail kick side to side while the whole lure body shifts back and forth. A revolutionary topwater bait available in a wide range of proven colors, the Bill Lewis Stutterstep is about to take the bass fishing world by storm.