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最後に格言をやるよ。Confidence often overrules everything=自身を持てば迷いは断ち切れる。バスフィッシングはスポーツだから信じ抜く力が必要なんだ。好きなカラーを投げぬく事しか勝利は掴めない。全ては自身さ!

Does color really make a difference or is it just in our minds?

I say, a little of both.

 There are a handful of basic colors that seem to work just about everywhere. But as we fish around the country, we discover that there are other colors you better have when you fish certain lakes. A good example occurred this year when we were at the California Delta, where red craw out-fishes everything else.

 Forage colors are something I really monitor when fishing a lake. I’m not only looking at the basic colors, but any hues that may be reflecting off of them. A slight addition to a lure can matter

 However, there are lakes where one certain color works most of the time. For example, if you’re throwing a worm on Kentucky Lake, it better be plum colored. Don’t ask why; it simply works best.

 When I look in my KVD 1.5 crankbait box, I see 40 different colors. When I go on tour, I carry 500 pounds of plastics in numerous colors. I have to, because each lake is different and we never know what we might encounter.

 Honestly, there is no right or wrong in this debate. After all, the entire color game is another element that adds to the intrigue of our fabulous sport.


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