バスマスターのサイトで「Let’s talk topwater in the fall」というコラムがアップされていたので要点紹介です。内容はグレックハックニー氏による「秋のバズベイトゲーム」です。英文も残しておきますので参考までにどうぞ。


Greg Hackney via youtube

みなさん。こんにちは!元気にしてたかな? トップウォーターのゲームは場所やシーズン問わず楽しいよね。秋のトップはシーズンを通して一番楽しい時でもあるんだ。僕はトップウォーターで育ったといっても過言ではない。トーナメントではトップウォータは「武器」にも成り得る。殆どの人は気付かないが…ビックベイトを投げる位にシャローのトップウォーターでは大型が釣れる。



greg-hackney2ここからは個人的な意見だが、秋にはアーム(ヘッド)にペラが当たる音は強すぎると思う。少し遅めにまいて “キュルキュル音” だけで大きいのが釣れる。最後にバスベイトを使用する際には頭に入れておきたい「グレッグ流のバズベイトの鉄則」を2つ残すよ。①バズベイトは絶対にブラックから使え。ブラックが条件や場所、水質問わず一番釣れる。もしブラックを使わない時はシャッド系のカラーを使用せよ。②シーズン終わるからといって、バズベイトをしまうな。バズベイトは霜が降りる水温8度代が爆釣する時期さ。特にデカバスはね。全ては僕のオーザック湖からの経験さ。

Catching a bass on a topwater lure is about as much fun as you can have bass fishing. And now is one of the best times to do it. The fish are shallow and feeding.I grew up fishing topwater. It’ll always be a part of my fishing. The thing a lot of anglers don’t realize, however, is that it can be a powerful tournament weapon. For the most part topwater plugs attract bigger bass, especially if you throw big baits like I do.

One of my favorites is a buzzbait. There’s something about that ruckus on top that gets them going as the water cools. Better yet, a buzzbait that’s presented properly will catch bass in almost any reservoir, lake or river. There are dozens of good buzzbaits on the market.I use a trailer hook 99 percent of the time. Regardless of what bait you fish with, though, I strongly suggest you consider removing the skirt and replacing it with a plastic trailer. This’ll help you get more bites almost all the time but it’s especially effective if the bite is tentative or if you’re getting a lot of short strikes.

It’s also important to learn how to properly tune the blade on your bait so that it squeals or clacks.If you want to make it clack — there are two types of clack — you need to bend the blade down a bit.You can create a steady clack by bending the blade down far enough so that it touches the blade on every revolution. If you just think about pushing it up when it’s doing that, it’ll strike the head every third or fourth revolution. This will create a completely different sound.

Most of the time, especially in the fall, I don’t want a clack. I think that’s too much. I just let it squeal as I change retrieve speeds until I find what’s working. Two other things about buzzbaits you should keep in mind: Fish with any color you want but don’t neglect solid black. It’s great in all kinds of water and under all kinds of conditions. That includes gin-clear water under a bright sun. When I’m not fishing with black I usually go with something shad colored. Don’t be in a hurry to put your buzzbaits away just because there’s little frost on the pumpkin. They bang them hard in water as cold as 46 or 47 degrees. I’ve done it at Lake of the Ozarks.

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